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There are some people who not do without, and then there are some you love to hate. If you are a fan of someone called Misbah-ul-Haq, likely will be the defense of it all the time. I've never seen a player of cricket more ridiculed by their own compatriots.

In August 2014, Misbah became the fourth from 40 years of age from the sub-continent to carry his team in tests. Three weeks later, he became the first captain to lose two games (or more) in both tests and ODIs after age 40, it was said in the streets; Misbah was losing his touch of gold. Most of the people who met with the serene man would agree that he is a good friend. But perhaps, too good for their own benefit. Their records are not as bad as other means, but it is subject to double the criticism faced. Most Pakistani fans describe his batting as a ' slow poison '. " Actually, it is not both the slow pace of his batting, but the way unpretentious in which punt that it bothers people.

Pakistan has always been run by dynamic men. Resilient people with positions Zen are rarely detectable to persons in the country. The fact that he successfully managed the team to many victories is unknown largely because people can't reach an agreement with the truth that Misbah's strength lies in its calm. After a terrible performance in tests and ODIs against Sri Lanka last month, the cries of his hack has only grown stronger.

If you look through statistics, you will find that Pakistan winning percentage has increased about two and a half times under the leadership of Misbah. Your own personal numbers suffered a monumental change from captaincy. So why a couple of bad series suddenly become the top of using parameters that have to be judged?

People says that age is just a number, but for him, it is everything. It is the basis on which your personality is based on. It was awarded captaincy of Pakistan at age 36, an age in which the majority of cricketers are retiring. Even when I was still reach the lot, always was the old man, approaching 40. In 2010, Pakistan cricket was in turbulent times and appointment of Misbah as captain was, in fact, an act of desperation. Now, when things have stabilized to some extent, their contribution sets forgotten. When he criticized not for breach of individual obligations, which is held in game to support his fellow team, something that makes each leader, and must be done.

Misbah is a thoughtful and intelligent man. It is precise in his words and rarely raise their voices, even for a cause that he believes. One might wonder how effortlessly Misbah navigate your boat in the treacherous waters of politics surrounding Pakistan cricket. Reviews after the recent defeat against Sri Lanka could seem like excuses, but have been open and frank. He has been his own critical larger, kindly accepting the fall. But then, failure, like victory, is a collective entity. There have been reasons beyond the lack of Misbah of form, which led to the loss of Pakistan. The real question is what has Pakistan, as a team, learn from this defeat?

The World Cup is only five months away. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have stuck with Misbah, indicating that it will still keep the reins of the team to the tournament, but that has done little to reassure the public in general. They want to go, now! The people, however, forget that the day is not too far. The way in which Pakistan carries out in the World Cup will determine how develops thereafter for many players. But in the case of Misbah, the result has already been (UN) written down knowing beforehand. It will be, perhaps, walk in the evening - mocked, despised, just liked and conveniently forgotten.

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