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T20 World Cup final in four consecutive balls with four sixes over the defeat of England 'Villain' Ben Stokes made tweeted to his over. Stokes wrote in a tweet after the match made "depressing slog too am grateful for the support from all. I play for my country in the World Cup final is proud of.

                         "Overwhelmed by all the support of everyone after a disappointing last over.....So proud to of represented my country in a World Cup final..."

                         "To everyone who has supported us thank you very much you've been awesome...congrats to the West Indies on winning a great final."

The Stokes came on to bowl the last over, when the West Indies were need 19 runs to win. But Braithwaite Caribbean athlete to win the first four balls four sixes bequeathed West. Stokes was badly after beating were not to stop the tears.

While teammates gave him support. After the match, captain Eoin Morgan Stokes had said in response to the question asked, "They must be frustrated and come out of this shock will take several days. But we share the way we succeed, will share the same pain. You explain anything right now, he probably never hear about it.

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