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Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 23 Match Pool B

Pak won by 20 runs

Gabba, Brisbane C W C 2015

                   Wahab Riaz is the best player of the match for his 54 * and 4/45


Misbah: "it was very hard because it was a game of success or failure for us. We were in a situation of having to win. So I think can not believe that how happy we are because we are out of the tournament if we lose this game. The playing field was not easy was only holding and that was a bit of rhythm of two. When I went there I found it very difficult to turn the strike or limits has just hit. So I was imagining that if we could reach 250 to 260 races that could be very difficult because we're bowling with five players regular. Especially with the pace and type of bounce the ball was stopping a bit. In the end, we were 15 20 short after losing those lands but I think that still the quality we have in the bowling line up was today.Fielding was also good. I think that the credit should be given to fast bowlers for the form that overwhelmed today. When there's extra bounce, he (Irfan) is a type of fungus that if someone not have faced it before, especially in areas of Australia that could be very difficult for the batsmen to face it. He showed his class today and he just had to click at the right time. We have to work very hard because we need to improve our batting line up. We saw all teams are reaching 300, 280, 290 so we really need to start well and then capitalize on.

 Chigumbura: ' not yet he asked if I knew about the scope of your muscle injury. I'm still yet to go for a morning of exploration. So I will know tomorrow morning. Today bowling was much better I thought we had good results but it gave too many extras if you are being critical of our bowling. But in general from the last game and this game there was a great improvement with the ball. It is always disappointing to lose a game like this when we felt that we had a good chance to win the game. I thought that when Hamilton came out it was the turning point of the game. So I think that we just have to learn from that and I hope that we can improve in these situations. That has been our weakness. We have not had a type of scoring a batting one hundred oa through. I think that is something that we can still work and hope that we can have guys who put up their hands and grading hundreds. "

 Riaz: "the discussion was to play 50 overs. If we have to run any risk we have to go after the bowling in the last 3 or 4 overs. The plan was to take individual as far as possible and strike rotation and this is what we were trying to do. I think that the entire management team is working really hard for me. They believe I can do something in my batting. They always lead me to networks and let me do as much practice as you can. Thanks to them, I have carried out on the day when needed it more. In the beginning I not was enjoying it. The ball was not coming to bat. It was not through also. But we have to work hard and the way in which all players fast bowler bowled apart from Shahid Afridi believe that merit is all the team and at the end won us the match. Always expected that he Irfan to take windows as soon as possible and put the other team under pressure.We know that there were many careers on the scoreboard but he shot very well. I want to dedicate this trophy to my dad and my mom I think you will be very happy. This is for you MOM and dad. Thank you. '

 Wahab Riaz is the best player of the match for his 54 * and 4/45

 The camp of Pakistan would be pleased with the performance of his players. In particular the ability of Irfan for extracting steep bounce from a length would have cheered the heart of his coaching staff. However his Fielding was shoddy to say the least and for the umpteenth time had Misbah who shore up batting line up of Pakistan. For Zimbabwe which turned out to be a case of so near but so far? They lament the collapse of batting average purchases. Zimbabwe also dropped crucial catches in the overs sweating ink. After this moral boosting win following Pakistan take on United Arab Emirates in Napier. On the other hand, Zimbabwe will face Ireland in Hobart.

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