Srilanka tour of england 2014 schedule fixture 775 views

Srilanka tour of England will start on 20 May,2014 consisting of 3 ODIs and 2 Test and only t20i.The srilanka tour of england 2014 Bilateral Series is a part of Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) prepared by International Cricket Council (ICC). South Africa will host the Sri lanka tour of England 2014 Bilateral Series.England considered the favorite team against sri lanka due to home grounds edge.But strength of srilankan cricket team could not be ingored due to their best performances in recent matches in asia cup, t20 world cup.

Sri Lanka tour of England 2014 schedule

2014-05-20   23:00 GMT
Eng vs Sri Only T20I
2014-05-22   23:00 GMT
Eng vs Sri 1st ODI
2014-05-25   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 2nd ODI
2014-05-28   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 3rd ODI
2014-05-31   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 4th ODI
2014-06-03   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 5th ODI
2014-06-12   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 1st Test
2014-06-20   0 GMT
Eng vs Sri 2nd Test
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