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Pakistan Board of Cricket (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan will undertake a tour of Nations that play the Asian cricket early next month, in an attempt to foster closer ties with the Board of Control of Cricket in the India (BCCI) and to mend fences with Bangladesh.

"My main goal is to foster closer relations with all these countries, because I believe that if the Asian bloc is strong you can play a dominant role in the world of cricket, as well," Khan, quoted by the newspaper.

The former career diplomat, said that he would be visiting the India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from October 3 to 10.

"The idea is to transmit the policies of the Board of coordination for their boards of cricket and to tell them that we want that relations of friendship and cooperation with them", he added.

Khan said that his approach would be also to talk with these cards of cricket to send their youth teams and the Pakistan so this can help pave the way for the return of the international of the sport in the country.

'We believe that it is important to have any representative of Pakistan cricket and the India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh can help us by sending their teams' A 'and Junior."

Khan said the PCB was looking to sign reciprocity agreements with these three tables not only in Asia, but also in Australia, South Africa and England for the exchange of youth teams and 'A' level.

"PCB also wants to see the exchange of players at the national level, so that players from both countries get an exposure of playing in different environments and systems," he added.

The PCB Chief said that the presence of the Lahore Lions in the India team was a positive development and he will ask the Council of the India to resume bilateral relations as soon as possible and also to consider the IPL issue. A source close to the PCB Chief said that it would be also discussing some important issues with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

"Relations between the two boards have been strained since Ijaz Butt and Khan wants to change that and improve relations and invite Bangladesh to send your secondary and Pakistan ' A' level teams. He feels that Pakistan needs to have the full backing and support of other Asian countries to make their presence felt in the International Criminal Court "."

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