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The 6th ODI from pool A going to play between New Zealand and Scotland the series ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Dated: Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015
Match will be Start Time: 10:00 PM GMT
In the cricket ground  University Oval, Dunedin

Last Performance Preview

We could hear moments before Preston Mommsen stepped into its final interaction with the media before the opening of the World Cup for Scotland against New Zealand at the University Oval on Tuesday, the sound of Scottish bagpipes coming from an adjacent field on the campus of the University of Otago. It is requirement to have been part of the routines of practice of group orientation week at University - campus begins to move with newcomers and their parents, and students hired again - but the sounds of the bagpipes was another reminder that the team is headquartered in Scotland Mommsen: Dunedin, known as the Edinburgh of the South and in fact referred to in the light of its predecessor Scottish.

Game six in the stands at the World Cup against Scotland in New Zealand, which beat Sri Lanka by 98 runs in the first match of the tournament in Christchurch, but Mommsen thought to a small Scottish heritage of Dunedin rubbed and motivates its employees in the team against the team of house-shaped.
Mommsen was born in Republic of South Africa, however today proudly led Scotland in their 3rd World Cup after the races without knowing the victory in 1999 and 2007 - and is confident in the way that the team has entered the cricket tournament. According to him "I think that we have a dynamic team". "Obviously without experience in the game on the world stage celebrating and going on 2015, however at the same time, I think that we can use to our advantage. Team very raw, so there will be a lot of energy, passion, and the guys playing hard.
Two warmups Scotland in Australia resulted in a victory of 179 career in Ireland and a 3 course defeat West Indies, when they chased a 313, but that they will also have some confidence of a practical part against a New Zealand XI with Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Corey Anderson, Lucas Ronchi, Daniel Vettori, Mitchell McClenaghan and Kyle Mills in Lincoln, last October.
"We saw a video this morning of the game, and take a huge amount of game. We have taken the very contracted and ought! Actually won that game, “according to Mommsen. "A lot of guys playing tomorrow played in that game, then we have to use that, and I hope that we can produce a similar performance tomorrow and take the cricket game in complexity." The buildup and accumulation was practically impeccable for the kids. We are very realistic about the opposition we face. Obviously, New Zealand is a team of quality and form, which are now going to be a team that is difficult to break. at the same time, we have prepared that we have to all other games in the run-up to this game in the morning, and I hope that we can put up a good performance. "
Brendon McCullum was part of this game there a few months ago, and also spoke about the team down. "Yes the comments, so we did some Scouting this morning in the players." I have many sequences of the last fragment so we can acquire our hands on and obviously tried to cover, " according to him: This is one of our pronounced things as a team, we are ensuring that we are well planned and well organized, however they gave us a good track for our coinage in Lincoln there from the few months. Yes, we have to make sure that we are on our game and treat us as if we are playing one of the biggest teams too, because in this world, I think that we have seen so far with UWI in a bit of pressure, so it certainly associated teams have players who can be foot and make things quite uncomfortable for you.
New Zealand were a dominant team in the last fifteen months of winning great home and away series, and this World Cup has had spoken in some circles as their best chance of winning. Fully aware of the level of competition faced by Scotland Mommsen showed confident assessment of his team.
"Don't think we're intimidated by how play." Obviously, centered largely in how we want to play our game in the morning", he shared spokes. "At the same time, we know that they are dangerous. It's a dangerous formation of 1 to 11. At the same time, remain human beings, who can again nick the ball and stays locked in panties. We have to put the ball in the right fields and ensure that we are able to contain them. Obviously, we can draw from this experience of what was a good experience to come against the West Indies, a very dangerous programming batting with Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy death and very new for us, and we will call you once. They will the party of tomorrow with an enormous amount of confidence.
The University Oval window seems a good surface to paste, but as he has been said the two captains, on a small pitch angles are what could be the decisive factor. While Mommsen felt Qu'ecosse must play "cricket intelligent" in this area, McCullum reminds both ODIs played here in January with Sri Lanka, New Zealand made 315 and 360.
"Obviously Australia is a different story in terms of its patterns of size and things as well, but I think that our motives are very, very well", said. "They have some peculiarities about them and this in turn, with the appropriate limits, obviously, a little shorter, but there are undoubtedly areas getout and for players whose limits are great, but I think that the Earth is very good. I hope much of potential clients, especially if we do that, I guess, expected a little bit of heaven here, that I think that, so he expects a large number of potential customers, I guess, similar to the games we had against Sri Lanka in the land.
Hamish Gardiner, who struck out N3 overheating and made 12, and 7, may be exchanged with Freddie Coleman hit by fall in the United Arab Emirates last month. Bowling is unlikely to change much of these devices, with Scotland 31-year depend in great measure offspin Majid Haq - only the second player crossing the country 200 caps - and medium pacer Alasdair Evans, with seven windows in overheating. They, as underscored Mommsen, expect much of its new ball pair of Ian Wardlaw and Josh Davey, who took over earlier this year ten land among them to defeat Afghanistan by only 63.
It has been suggested that New Zealand could make changes for this match, but McCullum dodged the question asking and speaking, "we are going to play our cards honestly close to our chest with the team, but all the guys are in shape and available and this is a good place to ask." He added, we have a completely spotless and strong team to choose from, so we will only have to work the strategy we want to go with tomorrow '.

Credible Elevens

Scotland Team:

  1. Kyle Coetzer
  2. Calum MacLeod
  3. Hamish Gardiner
  4. Matt Machan
  5. Freddie Coleman
  6. Richie Berrington
  7. Matthew Cross(w)
  8. Josh Davey
  9. Preston Mommsen(c)
  10.  Majid Haq
  11. Rob Taylor
  12. Iain Wardlaw
  13. Safyaan Sharif
  14. Michael Leask
  15. Alasdair Evans

New Zealand Team:

  1. Brendon McCullum(captain)
  2.  Martin Guptill
  3. Kane Williamson
  4.  Ross Taylor
  5. Grant Elliott
  6. Corey Anderson
  7. Luke Ronchi(w)
  8. Daniel Vettori
  9. Tim Southee
  10. Adam Milne
  11. Trent Boult
  12. Mitchell McClenaghan
  13. Nathan McCullum
  14.  Kyle Mills
  15. Tom Latham

Scotland vs New Zealand Pool A 6th Match will be played at University Oval, Dunedin, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

2015-02-17   15:00 GMT
New vs Sco 6th
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