Saeed ajmal bowling action cleared by icc 515 views

International Cricket Council (ICC), the leading bowler Saeed Ajmal of Pakistan's bowling action was legitimate under ICC.

 Ajmal's bowling action requires direct government bio-mechanics analysis of the Indian city of Chennai on January 24 in the Laboratory speaking to the media in tha.lahur Saeed Ajmal said he performed like to be part of the team.

off-sniper said: he has no intention of retiring and more for Pakistan Ajmal hyn.sayd two to three years to play it soon will try to come back into the team and the Pakistan Cricket Board are grateful for the trust said the new actio. Off- sniper said: Bowling are better and they hope that their action in a month further improve the accuracy of the action Saqlain Mushtaq Ahmed and the efforts of the past ky.kyal Ajmal bowling at about 40 degrees, while the ICC limit is 15 degrees. Since then Saeed Ajmal tha.sayd before facing suspension twice as unofficial bio-mechanics analysis report file, but both times were not encouraging thy.sayd Ajmal 178 in Test cricket, One Day 183 and 85 wickets in Sri Lanka. They have the most wickets in Sri Lanka and the bowler Ajmal hyn.sayd the ICC Cricket World ODI ranking second and fifth in the rankings.

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