Pakistan batsmen combined attempt to set up enormous win 478 views

Pakistan 339 for 6 wickets  in 50 overs v U.A.E 210/8 in 50 overs (Shehzad 93, Sohail 70 , MC 65, Guruge 4 wickets for 56)


Departure aside other breakdown of a single digit for Nasir Jamshed almost perfect rounds Pakistan scoreda of modern batting  stay alive at first sailing through the East  then the assault from the front to the death to 339 for six Napier against United Arab Emirates Strong providentially for them sleeves were not wrap around suddenly talisman but built with the spirit and point of the top end draw together as a team Ahmed Shehzad was the top scorer with 93 from 105 balls but Haris Sohail and Misbah-ul-Haq also hit fifty then that Sohaib Maqsood and Shahid Afridi throw salvos at each end of the passing away over’s.

United Arab Emirates has had the opportunity to put pressure on a fragiletoporder in the compulsory Power play but he couldn't hold their catches and idly punished many completion efforts have been poor in the bowling tournament players Their opening spells prominent animated after Mohammad Tauqir chosen Bowl but when teller did not come their fate wassailed in an efficient manner 143 races came from the last 12 over’s.

The sleeves of Ahmad Shehzad sputtered to hurt as life than miscued acute and pushed your way through the early over’s Manjula Guruge he strap with your length line while Mohammad Naveed gave one fate varied strong as extra cutest bounce and they perform surface McLean Park Two bowling were Ahmad Shehzad players presented their bowling time Khurram Khan could not have a chance in your head when Ahmad Shehzad a lobular force the top 8 then to the side And dropped a much simpler chance at the point of the bowling of Naveed.

Ahmad Shehzad was 12 from 26 balls until you reach facility booting over your skates in 10 before going on to break through the lid Mean while Haris Sohail found a regular beat from the beginning and carried out the pace throughout your shot There was an border which flew very deviated from the two slips Naveed but change bowlers did not have teeth to sentence the pair Mohammad Tauqir was disciplined enough but its plants outside breaks were soft and easily massage have in lagoons.

Amjad Javed began disobediently Haris Sohail hit first course two fours off his is that he managed to bring back briefly to its rate of economy always appear so many possibilities of breaking the Alliance the two batteries have completed his girl just fifty before the sleeves of the World Cup of half of the race and the slowness of the first over’s followed being surprised Khurram Khan has slog through intimidate corner by Ahmad Shehzad then long launched more of a thing more 26 With the score at 148 to 1 in 30 drummers most felt suitably com for table toask a Power play early They hit 19 of the first two over’s with fielding boundaries but Naveed return to the fold of bowlers forced a mistake of Haris Sohail that attempt task to mid on confirm by 70 of 83 bullets Ahmad Shehzad was out 93 also on Power play when he took on the arm of Shaiman Anwar to fine leg but could not keep his stick in the ground when head first into the fold.

Support fourth window of Pakistan met with a consent to attack which has by the far been unprecedented for them in the tournament  and Sohaib Maqsood and Misbah-ul-Haq quickly warm to his happy work. Some reports ofaccumulation mediumeffective in off gave way to intelligent, continued strike Javed has cracked for three boundaries by Sohaib Maqsood at most 39 until that wormers conspired against Krishna Chandran harvest 17 tracks of the  Sixes 42 a brief high and long in the arc between the long off and a cow corner.

The couple had looted 75 53 balls until they have alienated as Sohaib Maqsood hit Guruge But Misbah Umar Akmal signed for a partner until the penultimate course hard hitting balls in your area of writing on the Leg Side while attack water distorted under the attack He and Akmal missing deliveries GURUGE from succeeding to good catches in depth but it had powered Pakistan to 312 65who were out sheet of Misbah from 49 deliveries.

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