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Cricket World Cup 2015 Live Opening Ceremony The opening ceremony of 2015 World Cup has been done in Christchurch in New Zealand on February 12 at 11:00 IST. Australia and New Zealand had waited for this great event for 23 years and finally the day had come when people from these countries will enjoy opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup in 2015.


Opening ceremony of the 2015 World Cup in New Zealand has been marked by different artists in different nations. World Cup opening performances are given by some local artists like Jessica Mauboy (Pop Star), Tina Arena, Nathaniel and Daryl Baraithwaite. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra also giving performances there.
All teams playing the ICC World Cup 2015 were present for the opening ceremony of the ICC 2015 World Cup. The grand opening ceremony of ICC 2015 was divided into two main fragments. One was the local event and other important event. World cup 2015 opening transmission provide live here too starsports and through sources.


The World synchronizations 2015 opening ceremony was different for different countries. The event would begin at 1830 hours (11:00 IST) according to the local time in New Zealand. The biggest opening event wouldl begin at 21.00 (13.30 IST). Cricish, StarSports, Espn and cricbuzz are going to provide regular updates.
You can wrap even global clock Cup 2015 opening ceremony after the event at different websites that had previously recorded the ceremony. So go and enjoy the ceremony live.
The crowd was treated to four hours of fun, with lines forming in place a few hours before the start of the opening ceremony.
For a city still before the devastating earthquake of 2011, it was a great day.
"The incredible, right?" He says Gavin Larsen, former bowler for New Zealand, he was standing on a grass bank main north Hagley Park, site of the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2015. "It very important to Christchurch, after the earthquake people really need something “It is just fantastic.
With this, Larsen was absent, black jacket swung over his shoulder. A few hours later, he was standing on a huge stage in front of an estimated 20,000 as one of the 6 former New Zealand International, representative of the host cities of the World Cup. Looking a little embarrassed when asked by the presenter Matt Heath about how he took his famous nickname "The Postman" and never bothers most memorable ball point, Larsen, 52, replied: "Once the three consecutive point’s ball to Brian Lara ". It was a great success.
This was one of the moments of subtle in a spectacular evening Hagley Park, but a touch as it came amid a memorable head to head between the three accomplices and other former players on stage - Rod Latham (Dunedin), Geoff Allott (Nelson ), Debbie Hockey (Napier), Lee Germon (Hamilton) and Chris Harris (Auckland) - and later Sir Richard Hadlee, cricketer and New Zealand's most famous native son Canterbury.
Also present was the captain of the All Blacks Richie McCaw and Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, who presented the trophy of the World Cup with great joy and supported the team at home for the country proud.
"the mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel said in his introductory speech the city 'was waiting for a long time" to signal a major sporting event - excluding earthquakes in the organization of the World Cup 2011 - and welcomed the world' our backyard "because New Zealand 'play our cricket in our backyard family".
The crowd was treated to four hours of fun, with lines forming in place a few hours before the start of the opening ceremony. Four ovals had different events, ranging from the traditional dances of Sri Lanka and India to the characters in the Caribbean theme and Morris, Highland and Irish dancers and local artists. Kiosks around the oval, in the center 80 school asked fans to come and play for them, food available include empanadas, churros, chicken, ice cream, pizza, sausage roles, fish & amp; chips, samosas, onion and different curries bajjis.
Off in a corner of the park, in a strip lined trampled grass, teams from New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka emerged looking elegant suit and tie. The greatest joy was clearly for Team New Zealand, as they entered, with several fans running toward them waving flags and chanting lights black hats! and waving his hands could find. Ross Taylor was submerged almost Local flattery, while Daniel Vettori and Grant Elliott doing their best to be composed. When they crossed Elton Chigumbura and his teammates, a small group of fans of Zimbabweans running with them and greeted loudly, turning spectators applaud the investigation. It was a touching moment.
General helicopter had many viewers to get to heaven with their cameras and smartphones, and then the ceremony began at 20:30 with the traditional dance of Sri Lanka, followed by the Scottish bagpipes and Bollywood and Irish dance. Then came the Maori artists and cultural players including hakas and was moving some of the best music acts in the country Ginny Ritchie Blackmore, Mio G3, Hayley Westenra, the New Zealand Army Band and shifter that was in particular the crowd movement with its rhythms, just before the fireworks lit up the sky clear Christchurch.
For a city still before the devastating earthquake of 2011, it was a great day. I hope the people of Christchurch who came to Hagley Park on Thursday gave a reason to smile and believe and have fun.

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