Once again super over come in the world cup event 435 views

International Cricket Council decided,match event of tie Super Over in World Cup final.
Thursday 29-01-2015 ICC meeting decide in Dubai. Previous World Cup ICC removed this proposal. Australia and New Zealand 

jointly hosted World Cup who will start 14 February to 29 March 2015.
What’s Super Over?
If WC final tie when decided by Super Over. Bating side nominates 3 batsmen and on the other hand bowling side nominate 1 

best bowler. If the 1st team dismissed two wickets in one over, so they lost.if it does not, then high runs team match 

win.then competition remains the same most sixes innings or match team will be declared the winner. If the tie position 

still remains, winner will be declared the most four hits in innings. 

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