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The former cricket New Zealand great Martin Crowe revealed his cancer has returned, 15 months after announcing that it was under control.

"After a brilliant exercise in self-discovery and recovery have more work to do", tweet. "My friend and hard Lymphoma Foreman is back to teach me."

The 51-year-old was diagnosed first with lymphoma in 2012, but after months of chemotherapy that he said that doctors had told her that the cancer had been reduced to safe levels, although there was always the possibility of a relapse.

Crowe said that he will now have to undergo additional treatment.

A cousin of the star of Hollywood Russell Crowe, Martin Crowe is widely regarded as the best batsman to have represented New Zealand. It had an average of 45,36 career 77-Test, which included 17 centuries.

In 1991, he scored a record of New Zealand for the most runs in a single test innings, when he was dismissed for 299 playing in the reserve in the basin of Wellington against Sri Lanka. The registry did not break until this year, when the current Captain Brendon McCullum reached 302 in the same ground against the India.

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