Iplkolkatta night rider reached in final 652 views

In the seventh season of the Indian Premier League in the first knockout match on Wednesday in Kolkata Knight Rider team played with Kings 11 Punjab and defeated run by 28, and reached in final.

Remember that Kolkata team for the second time reached in the final. It was reached the first time in the finals in 2012.

In another match, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians defensive champion defeated by seven wickets, so that way Mumbai Indians out of the tournament.

The first was the runner-up this season despite the defeat Punjab team is another opportunity for him to play the final. This principle may be the match between Punjab and Chennai. The match will be play  May, 30, in this way  which team will win the match,  it will playe the final with Kolkata.

The first match was played on Wednesday in Kolkata's Eden, where the guardian Kings 11 Punjab was in 20 overs to win 164 run losses of eight wickets were required, but the team could produce only run on 135.

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