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It is difficult to say which of the two things frustrate more talented batsman Umar Akmal its inability in the past four years to impress successive efforts of the team of Pakistan which would give a constant opportunity to bat more top order in ODIs and a growing unfair comparison with fulcrum of the India Virat Kohli.

"I beat in a position where I can sometimes make clicking and failure to do so at other times. If I get to bat higher in the order I'm sure I will do well' 24 years old, told the press at the Colegio de San Pedro after an intense session of network. "I'm annoying hard to my side but we have had many adventures of batting in the first two games."

For the record Umar has batted more above no. 5 only in six of its 98 innings and has not scored more than 28 runs in any of them. Its two centuries and 20 half centuries11 have taken place when the batting at number 6 since. It was pretty amazing to listen to express the desire to bat higher in the middle of the Pakistan World Cup campaign.

"Batting there was pressure on no. 6 but I'm not complaining and Pakistan team will serve any position I'm asked to bat on." I don't think you have to tell the direction of the team that bat higher in the order in the first cricket - class. I am sure that the time is not far when they will trust me to bat higher, at no. 3 or no. 4 in ODIs ", said."

Umar is also irritated by comparisons with the India star Virat Kohli both of whom I imagined in the World Cup of the CCI of youth in Kuala Lumpur in 2008. "They tell me that I do not compare with Virat Kohli bats. It is in a position other than me. If you punt at no. 6 or no. 7 and carries out, or when I have a couple of series in a higher position I can accept the comparison.

"I'm trying with all my strength to deliver the best possible. I am sure. Our coaching staff Assistant Manager are Shahid Aslam and Grant flower batting coach help me. I am also working with the Assistant Coach Mushtaq Ahmed to try to convert my starts into large inflows said Umar.
"When I get to bat for long periods of time I have scored 80 and 90 as well as a hundred against Afghanistan under pressure (Pakistan were 116 for six at one stage and finished with 248 of the eight Asia Cup in Bangladesh in February 2014)."

"I try to give my 100 per cent. The rest is the will of God. I want to play my best level to which not only the team of Pakistan, but also the Cricket Board, the people of Pakistan and the world that remember me as a good player in the World Cup. Believe me, am not satisfied that I have not won a single Man of the Match award even in the World Cup. I'll try that in every game now. If I win the prize team Pakistan automatically wins.
"I can tell you that were doing everything possible. You will receive a better response of the management of the equipment if you ask this question" said Umar.

However it was not as if he was being critical of team management. Indeed, he began the interaction media stating that the direction of the team had not criticized players after the 1st two defeats. "I'm going away to give all the credit to the direction of the team our captain and our elders by taking youngsters along and raise their morale. The results are before you. We will strive to keep any party now and win the World Cup.

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