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Mentor, the former Australian captain and Big Bash League team Brisbane heat, Allan Border believes that the inclusion of the Indian players in the League would add to the spectacle of BBL.

Writing in The Advertiser, Border, leading Australia to their first Cup title world in 1987, said, "The big Bash League is a fabulous product, but it would be great to see a sprinkling of Indian players in the competition. While I'm a big fan of the Big Bash in its current form, having regard to some Indians and a few players more international in other countries would really raise to the next level".

No Big Bash franchise has never signed an Indian player and one of only three Asian players play a Big Bash this year - Shoaib Malik (Hobart hurricanes), Yasir Arafat (Perth Scorchers) and Shakib al Hasan (Adelaide strikers). Border wrote that the absence of Indian in BBL players because the BCCI is extremely protective of its Indian equivalent – Indian Premier League. He also wrote that Cricket Australia may take the initiative and approach the BCCI for the liberation of Indian players for BBL.

"Maybe it's time for the Cricket Australia go work behind the scenes and see if there may be something done for a few Indians in the Big Bash." This will certainly help the State of competition and also encourage more foreign players to form a part, "he says.

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