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England won Afghanistan by nine wickets

England under the formula Duckworth Lewis by winning 101 runs in 25 overs required that the loss of a portillo in 18.1 overs to win.

It was time for England to say goodbye to the World Cup and Sydney obediently sitting on a day of English dog bludgeoned shot more than over cast rain stricken. With Afghanistan hitters unable to lift the gloom England accepted the regular fall of land as the marker points on the road to the airport and a somber flight home.

When rain intervened for the third time and finally reduced Afghanistan innings 111 for 7 the possibility of an abandonment left England faces potentially its worst record in a World Cup never before have earned less than two games. It would be at least the mild consolation in defeat which means Bangladesh ultimately did not matter even with the victory of England would have not qualified.

Even holding a position of such power if they managed to get back on the field would have been better advised not to look too closely the statistics. During this World Cup players from bowling pace of Afghanistan have taken more windows at lower cost and with a rate of unemployment faster.

Afghanistan has built an international team from scratch because of an innate love for the game. England has the resources but the nation especially young people rarely have been more disconnected with its traditional summer game. Afghanistan are desperate for parties England is so insanely overstocked with accessories that perform other partner country Ireland the day after returning from a tour by the Caribbean. The first ODI between these two Nations could hardly have made a more pronounced contrast.

It was erected at the time in the 50 to 21 overs had escaped with all the allure of stock of frozen farmer Afghanistan had lost four land and establish mood of entries.

Had a bit of a turnaround and sewing to encourage England there was no reason to suspect that the movement would have been more pronounced in the case of a heavier gauge attack and their attack pace didn't have to produce anything out of the ordinary to cut deeply in order to Afghanistan.

Stuart Broad and James Anderson who was playing his last ODI potentially sought respectability in a party that emotionally who would have preferred not to comply. There was no sense of fun. This was simply a job of work. The new ball was not polished with love and attention but as if it was a boring relationship that was going through the motions. Anderson batted 144kph a sliver under 90 mph surely his fastest ball of the tournament.

Two bad shots brought new ball pair of England a portillo each both taken by Joe Root on a principle of sliding. Nowraz Mangal fenced weakly to a width of Anderson Javed Ahmadi offered a bat at an angle for Broad. As Nasir Jamal defended in search of stability it was clear that the romance all of Afghanistan rested with the ball not the bat.

Chris Jordan bordering with caution to the window like a Bunny through a field of corn has also benefited from two wickets Afghanistan batters offering its delights as mature carrots. Afsar Zazai furtive thrust forward brought an advantage to Jos Buttler and Samiullah Shenwari one of the brightest stars of Afghanistan with the bat at this World Cup turned to Morgan front of diving point.

Injuries two England ALLROUNDER Moeen Ali and Chris Woake, presented an opportunity for two players who were perhaps involved in an ODI England for the last time. Ravi Bopara and James Tredwell could conceivably suffer from the urgency of rebuilding in the aftermath of a major tournament. Both took the opportunity to play their international history smiles perhaps for the final time.

Jamal had dragged three of 31 balls when it satisfactorily revised decision umpire of Ravi which had fallen to a total domain side of the leg. He accelerated slightly from then on, as if in celebration although it is not the kind of celebration that would welcome an invitation.

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