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England vs India 3rd Match Tri-Nation Series in Australia  from Jan 16 - Feb 01 2015, Participating teams England, Australia and India. today is the 3rd match going on between England v India.

India will now have to win two games and will depend on the outcome of the game in Australia England. Join us for this match on Friday. Until then, be vigilant and Adios.

According to Morgan "Outstanding. "Really put a performance of the team, which was very happy with and there were individual performances. Steve Finn got the rebound and made the most of it. Jimmy landmark with a breakthrough in principle. If it wobbles, it tends to take advantage of. Adds a hell of lot of weight to the side. Very strong Australia side for the time being, we will continue to focus what we do well "."

"I don't think we hit well, especially after choosing to bat," According to Dhoni. "Portillo was a bit rate of two to start and our batsmen actually does not play well. We had to build alliances, but that will not happen. If a ball is there to hit, what should be, but if it has to be defended, be careful. When you need to speed up, there are no ATMs on the left. You must use regardless of the time remaining before the World Cup in a useful way. Staying four months and halfway from home is difficult, but it must be switched on and off. We must put and assess what needs to be done in networks, or wait in the hotel, if necessary. »

12:00 England would be impressed with this! It was a one-sided affair, with finished inside 70 overs party. Everything created by the fantastic performance of bowler Steven Finn, who finished his five and an interesting return of James Anderson. Both phones to collect nine windows in the India, with rebound Gabba with devastating effect. Once they had been shot by the India for a continuation-par 153, which was only a matter of time. Ian Bell and James Taylor, who were both in the first against Australia, and then had the opportunity to get in shape and crossed the line without any problems.

Bell was approaching its 5000 ODI series, but will be for the next game. This is the biggest win for England against India in relation to the remaining balls. The great victory gave them a vital bonus point. In India, however, will have to win two games and keep an eye on the outcome of the Aus-Ing Thu India hopes of victory in the southern hemisphere, of SA last year, is going……

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Ind vs Eng 3rd
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