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Last month, the International Cricket Council (ICC) undertook a proactive campaign to crack down on the illegal bowling actions that saw several players’ cricket prestige being suspended. Dave Richardson, the ICC CEO said there has been considerable progress in this area and that there not be any let place in their efforts in the next World Cup that begins next month.

"We want to assure you that we don't lose ground on which, in my opinion, had the significant progress in the past months", said Richardson. "The game realized that we had a major problem and there were simply too many bowlers, of all teams, bowling with alleged acts. So, I think that we have made progress very good in identifying the bowlers, their expulsion to test and, where appropriate, and their suspension until they can rectify their actions.

"There might be one or two bowlers that have been suspended, and who are now backing in international cricket and the challenge for them will be to ensure that they maintain their action averted." Instructions for Match officials will be no different and these matches will be treated exactly like any other international match. And if there are players who are bowling with suspicious actions, they could be reported, "he carried on.

Corruption and rigging remain a serious threat to cricket but Richardson is convinced that the ICC has all the necessary systems in place to deal with the threat. "On the side of corruption, it is safe to say that we are better prepared we've ever been. Our fight against Corruption staff have done much work in concluding agreements, associations and arrangements with the local police and law enforcement in New Zealand and Australia.

Pakistani off-spinner, Saeed Ajmal, was the name of larger would have been suspended, is scheduled to travel to Chennai to test his new bowling action because it seeks a return to international cricket. Richardson said that if a bowler is reported during the World Cup, there is a provision for his action tested in a week. According to Dave Richardson "The ICC in Brisbane accredited test center is in stand-by, so if someone is reported at the beginning of the tournament, it can go straight out of Brisbane, make the test within five or six days, and we can have the report so that it can continue to be bowling if it turns out to be legal, or if it is illegal “then it will be suspended ".

"As the years have passed, our information and information that these corrupters are and who may try and fix matches around the world, has increased." We know exactly where these people are and we got a list of names of over a hundred that us will be passing these law enforcement agencies. It will be very difficult for everyone outside of the upcoming game and attempt to try and corrupt players, referees or anyone involved in the World Cup, to try and fix a match.

"In addition, the Australia and the New Zealand Governments have introduced specific legislation that actually try to fix, or the fixing of matches, a criminal offence. This allows, not only we (ICC ACSU) but the police themselves to take much more specific and direct action against those who try to corrupt the game, "

Richardson also addressed the increasing instances of bad behavior on the cricket ground, saying they have instructed officials to take appropriate measures against wayward players. The most recent example is Australian spat between Rohit Sharma Indian and David Warner during an ODI which saw the last being fined. "Over the last six months, or even return as a result of the last ashes series, there are too many examples of player behavior go too far and beyond the limits of the accept abilities."

"The amount of the luge and the lack of respect shown by the players to the other were bad. Since then, we have lot of work with our referees and Match officials to ensure that they are much more proactive policing of behavior on the ground and when the players too much brand, take appropriate measures.”

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