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Australian Cricket Team Captain Michael Clark will not play in the first match of the 11th Cricket World Cup begins Saturday. 

Australia will play against England and Michael Clarke will not participate in the team in the first match. Australia coach Derin Lemon expressed hope that the February 21 match against Bangladesh will be fit before.33-year-old Clark, who is suffering from the pain of constant strength imbalances between the hamstrings and they also test series against India due to this separation was adopted. On Wednesday, he warm up in the match against the United Arab Emirates two months later came into the field and also had created half a century.

 However, Derin lemon says that even though Clark has been good but it still doesn't match of Saturday's return game ever. He said that "we are happy and satisfied with their improvements, but we walk according to the plan, and he will play against Bangladesh. Michael Clark of South Africa in November 2014 to strength imbalances between the hamstrings during the match was against.

 After the first day of the first cricket test against India in Adelaide they were suffering from this pain again and also because of the pain in the back during the betting outdoors had a go. At that time, Clark also said that the pain can also end their career . However, he wished to participate in the World Cup on December 24, and then grade in a cricket match was the return in the field.

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